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Oriental dancers Athens, Oriental dancers North Greece ( Serres, Ioannina, Kavala, Drama, Kastoria ), Oriental dancers Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, Oriental dancers Crete ( Rethimno, Chania, Iraklio, Ag.Nikolaos ), Oriental dancers Thessalia (Larisa, Volos), Oriental dancers Cyprus and Oriental dancers at Greek islands.

Here are some bars, club, restaurants and Banquet halls we have offered show or surprise :

The Ranch (Corinth)
Κτήμα Ορεινό (Aharnai)
Αρχοντικό (Peristeri)
Δέκα (Aspropyrgos)
Βαλσάμικο (Peristeri)
Εσπερίδα (Haidari)
Τσίμπα 1 (Sounio)
Απόμερο (Aspropyrgos)
Αλκυόνες (Amfithea)
Alquimista (Marousi)
Άσπρο πιάτο (Halandri)
Apolis (Petroupoli)
1+1 (Haidari)
Tsigos cafe (Corinth)
Μπαρμπαλέξη (Nea Philadelfeia)
and other.

Oriental show

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• Parties
• Bachelor

Belly dance slogan by Myriam

χορεύτρια οριεντάλ

Are you looking for oriental dancers ?

Give an unforgettable surprise and enjoy the beauty and grace of a charming oriental dancer and leave them all speechless in front of the magic of oriental rhythms.